About me

Hi! My name is Caglar Gul, born in December the 1st of 1996 and currently 21 years old while I am writing this. I am from Spijkenisse, a city located in the province of Zuid-Holland. I might be Dutch on paper, but there are some Turkish roots covered beneath that very paper..

I think of my self as a very generic person, but one thing I like to distuingish my self in (even though its self proclaimed) is my tenacity in getting things done. Call it an unhealthy habit but I tend to overwork my self in order to get the best possible result in my work.

Before attending to the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, I did a 4 year course on Assistant Accountancy, having finished that, I decided that that is not something I want to continue with, and thus decided that I will pursue information technology (which I always found more interesting than the former).

Fast forwarding to today, and I currently am admitted in my first year at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and I am currently studying the course information technology as a freshman student.

What I wish to achieve from my study is the ability to seamlessly produce code, start my own projects and maybe some time later, begin my own coding company.

Basic Information

Available on request
Available on request
English, Dutch, Turkish

Hobbies/ interests

Lastly I would like to inquire a bit about my hobbies. I've played basketball for 3 years in total, still like to play some now and then. Then there's gaming too, I like especially the RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre, strategically using your resources to get the best possible outcome.

I like to play guitar as well, I have got 2 Yamahas, 1 accoustic electric and 1 full electric which I strum on whenever I turn my speakers on to some rock or Turkish folk and just strum away.

Professional Skills
Windows 10
Work Experience

March 2016 - Present

Randstad HR/ Koninklijke KPN N.V.
Fibre Advisor & Sales Associate

As a Local Sales Associate, I was entrusted with the responsibilities to help customers with their connectivity, general questions, as well as assigning technicians to customers whenever that was needed to solve things such as faulty connections. My second priority was drafting new customers

September 2013 - August 2016

Business and Tax Solutions
Financial Administrator

During my time as a financial administrator, I had the responsibilities to keep track of multiple businesses and their administrations. That included activities such as editing the ledgers, adding new entries, making memorial entries as well as making new ledgers for new clients.

November 2013 - December 2015

Mediamarkt GmbH
Power Service Employee & Sales Associate

Whilst employed at Mediamarkt, I was entrusted with numerous responsibilities. Varying from helping customers, to activities such as preparing entire batches of laptops with the right software and entire operating system overhauls. I was also responsible for repairing laptops whenever needed


2018 -

Bachelor Information Technology

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

After my MBO course, I immediately decided that this isn't the time to stop learning and thus begun with my current study at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. What I hope to gain from this endeavour is the knowledge and the skills to either become an employer in the field or someone who helps an employer to build many great things.

2013 - 2016

MBO, Level 4
Assistant Accountant

Regionaal OpleidingsCentrum Zadkine

This was my intermediate step I had to take in order to be one step closer to what I really want to study. The course taught me how to edit ledgers, how to be critical, how to analyse errors which could potentially ruin a establishment if not dealt with.

2009 - 2013

High School

CSG Blaise Pascal

Special Achievement: Ace in biology. Finished it with 9,5.

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Available on request